College Mangement Software

A cloud-based college-based ERP education management system that enables higher education institutions and colleges to manage online admissions, student enrollment, student attendance, online fees, marks, assignments, library books, etc. It can also generate online results and sheets. , student performance reports, etc. & to alleviate intellectual suffering.

Red Gates College Management System software is an end-to-end college solution to improve efficiency and institutional outcomes by creating a Student-Faculty life cycle and automated campus management. Cloud-based, this college ERP helps teachers organize all the important activities with the latest technology stack such as biometrics, business intelligence tools and a mathematical dashboard that generates accurate reports on college admissions, enrollment, scholarships, previous academic records, accommodation, payments, warnings, attendance and attendance of compliance.


Red Gates College ERP in Gwalior has 25+ professional modules and 30+ internal modules. This software is designed to commemorate the various activities of the college. Our team understands that for any college to implement its transparent management practices, it must also choose the ERP for cloud education, for the following reasons – Manual work reduced The functioning of the Department of Education and Non-Education is coordinated internally Produces reports/receipts/drafts of all modules Data is always secure Affordable customization Modern Web Technologies Reasonable price 24×7 online and offline support



Modern technology

Cloud education ERP is integrated with state-of-the-art technology such as Feepayer, our online payment site and biometric & RFID technology supported by library management software.

Support and Backup

When colleges seek out their institutional ERP solutions what they look for is software that not only maintains all of the college’s smaller functions but also ensures effective, retrieval and efficient data support.


College automation software has many functions, predetermined actions and tabs, thus reducing the administrative function of the college. In addition, colleges have their own rules and regulations that differ from that of the institution; in such colleges we offer customization.


Red Gates ensures significant implementation and training sessions for college ERP software before installing it. Attracts employees and users to a standard operating pattern.

Data Security

In addition, it ensures that the college’s data and confidential information remain secure, under the supervision of the administrator and protected from external threats.

Effective Cost

If ERP is cloud-based, colleges do not need to invest a lot of money in hardware installation. The amazing thing that works is that it can have many users in different college departments. Cloud-based college management software service provider in Gwalior designed to cater for colleges; worldwide. To date number of our customers in schools, colleges and universities across India. Our central university campus management program under the colleges of arts, science, commerce and law. We also offer ERP solutions for engineering, pharmacy, medical, management and private colleges.


Authorization Data Management _ Compliance Reports

The Data Authorization Software Module helps Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) prepare for accreditation from institutions such as the NBA / NAAC by managing institutional data, keeping the required documents and evidence and producing accurate reports.

Multi-Campus Structure for Different Communities

The CCMS supports a multi-campus framework that allows trusts and academic communities to have a centralized and organized website in all affiliated institutions, schools and colleges while maintaining their independence.

Automatically Activated Reports With Statistics Dashboard

Automatic emails of daily reports to management and integration of BI statistics dashboards to monitor tasks and provide important information for driving centre operations. Automatically generated and automated daily collection reports that summarize daily activity and a dashboard with key performance indicators help participants assess institutional performance.