Architecture Consulting

Our team of professional architects, architects, sustainability specialists, and support staff are specially trained to assess the objectives and adapt to the best architectural planning processes, to provide the best possible result for all the building projects we are involved in.

Application Modernization Migration to AWS

One of the leading cloud service providers, AWS or Amazon Web Services, allows you to customize the migration of your applications based on your business objectives and your speed instead of contracts or licenses.

Cloud Ops DevOps on AWS

Our cloud ops and DevOps at AWS provide services that help you use DevOps in your company and are designed to be used with AWS. These tools automatically perform manual tasks, help teams manage complex areas of scale, and keep engineers controlling the speed powered by DevOps.

Security & Governance

Security management covers your business priorities through the use of technology such as structures, standards, and policies. The governing bodies provide oversight and monitoring to maintain and improve security over time.