Empower Your Food & Restaurant Business With Easy and best Food Delivery Software

Get an Online food ordering app and complete delivery management technology site with Red Gates.

Customer order app and best food delivery software with web and mobile?

Create food delivery apps and your customers' websites and manage orders effectively with food delivery software.

1. Place an order

Red Gates gives your customers the best search features and online order filtering for free. Ensure prompt delivery to their door by an online food order system.

2. Real-time tracking and updates

Allow your customers to track their orders and keep them informed as to the situation or ETA changes, so they do not have to worry about the delivery again.

3. Payment Gateways Integration

Create a marketplace to connect customers and professionals remotely with advanced chat/video consultation.

Food delivery & ordering software company in Gwalior Driver's App?

Give your team that brings the restaurant great power, and it's easy to use the app

1. Instant new order notification

Never get lost, never drink. The driver will receive a visual and audible notification when an order is received or assigned, even when the app is closed.

2. Share availability

Easy handling of shifts and schedules makes the order allocation more efficient.

3. Order Fulfillment Status

With every delivery done, your driver closes his delivery job and records the exciting fulfilment of the order. Now is the time for a new order!

4. In-App chat with customers

Communication is on the go through an internal chat system with the driver system. Drivers can chat with customers to confirm a delivery location or other order details.

Dashboard for managing uninterrupted best food delivery software?

It gives you full control, all views and powerful statistics

1. Manage in one place

Combine food additives, delivery partners, change menus or open / disable storefronts and easily manage your online orders - all in one screen.

2. Performance Monitoring

Monitor delivery rates, feed rates and updates cancelled orders and other numbers that help you better monitor driver performance.

3. Marketing Campaigns

Call for more orders and customer loyalty by launching promotional campaigns and discounts.

Why should you Choose Redgates as your food delivery & ordering software company in Gwalior?

Best food delivery & ordering software company in Gwalior, Website Designer and Mobile App Engineer Catering to 200+ Food Businesses

1. Native mobile apps and websites

Take your restaurant business online with the white label food ordering app, delivery app and restaurant website.

2. Delivery management software

Manage all aspects of online food ordering and business delivery from a single dashboard.

3. App of your Brand

Get an online food clone app with your product logo and images, and personalize your customer experience with white label apps

4. Customise the way you like it

Based on the needs of your business, choose our restaurant application building modules with various features from your app.

5. Catalog management 

Keep a clean track record of your catalogue, categories and products and update them regularly to keep up to date with the latest standards at any time without the hassle.

6. Get running in no time

Do not hire expensive restaurant app developers, get a pre-built online food ordering system.