Increase the Speed ​​of Your Shopify Website


As a leading Shopify expert, Redgates has built-in solutions for Shopify's fast-paced store. Stay tuned to get expert reviews of our website performance through our Speed ​​Improvement Service.




Our Shopify Optimization service?



       Best Site Performance


Eliminating unused features on a website results in both clean and efficient sites.



       Raising the Level in the SERP


The Google SEO algorithm monitors the speed of websites. SEO development will increase customer visits.


       High conversion rates


Users adhere to the fast loading of eCommerce websites and soon switch to potential customers or clients.


       Generates website traffic


Once you have achieved a significant level in search results, you will soon gain more traffic and sales.


       Promoting Customer Retention


You will never lose your customers with a dynamic website. Strengthens traffic, conversions, and existing customers through youth.




Why should you choose us?


With years of experience and monthly projects, we know the importance of fast website loading and high performance. As a customer service company, we are always looking for improved page speed and thus stimulating sales and user-focused development. For our past projects, we can mention slow-loading websites:


       If the site slows down, the jump rate increases. Since no one likes to stick to a slow-loading website.


       About 45% of eCommerce customers are less likely to shop on slow-moving websites.

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