Simplify, Protect, and Accelerate your online examination software Ensuring the delivery of safe and timely testing is an important challenge for testing boards, employers, and companies alike. Management of paper-based tests and results testing takes a lot of time, cost, and effort. Red Gates Online examination system, a hybrid science testing platform, helps you to write, design, edit, and deliver psychological and behavioural tests online.

The secure online exam software in Gwalior enables you to set test schedules, perform candidate certifications, administer tests, and monitor online candidates. Ensures the integrity of the data by providing access to authorized employees only. The secure online exam software easily integrates with other tools and enables the experience of device testing and seamless exchange of information to improve QTI compliance. Its statistics and reporting feature allows for faster collection of results and reporting.

Whether it is a test to get into a top university position or a selection of employees in companies, the smart features of Examination can:

  • It simplifies the assessment of a large number of students
  • Automatically check candidate responses
  • Reduce the time taken to test results data
  • Limit bias-based assessment and decision-making
  • The online examination software in the Gwalior program facilitates end-to-end online and offline test delivery and this online testing software can be an excellent tool for educational institutions that aim to go out of paper and companies looking to strengthen their recruitment and development process.

How does the red gates online examination software work?

Create and edit content

Add content online, download pre-defined templates and analyze the content repository.

Design and describe experiments

Create test tests, design question papers, and select test rules.

Create a test program and submit questionnaires

Develop a secure online exam software, describe a list of students, and submit questionnaires to test centres.

Serve the tests and monitor the tests

Verify candidates, allow secure entry, monitor live tests, and share responses and attendance.

Analyze and generate reports

Quickly process responses and results, and generate reports.

Why should you choose Red Gates for Online Examination software?


Enables remote projection and test delivery – both online and offline – for improved local access


It brings mental and behavioural testing based on the ability to integrate with external software such as Red Gates tags on the on-screen tagging solution.


It comes with a flexible test feature and can be installed using the cloud, local or hybrid models


Supports Windows and Linux browsers for safe and secure browsing


It works independently as a SaaS or dedicated deployment


It brings tests to any web-enabled smartphone