We let you focus on the hiring process, not on rebuilding. The red portal profile builder to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors with our excellent digital resume building solution. Without wasting time or effort, get your impressive and professional resume.

Why choose red gates as your digital profile builder?

Solutions for creating a high-quality digital profile that you can be proud of

It is accessible

Find everything about you in one place anytime anywhere. Red Gates gives you an easily accessible digital profile to make your complex process easier.


The digital profile builder solution makes your complex reconstruction process easier. Having a resume that represents you brings you closer to your dream job.

Save Time

Digital resume builder removes human errors that reduce the complexity of time and provide better regenerative designs.


In addition to starting your next design from scratch, there is an endless opportunity to create a new creative resume from a pre-designed template to make your next year of work.

Benefits of Digital Profile Builder?

Some of the benefits of a digital profile builder

Creative Design

There are several memorable designs with a combination of beautiful backgrounds, colour, categories, icons and templates in a seamless way.

No reading required

Now Creating your resume is simple and easy. Easily create, edit, and download your CV through our services.

Content Analyst

Get instant updates to your resume to prevent common mistakes including inappropriate sentences, duplicate image elements, and readable issues and rebuild your CV.

Improve with feedback

We provide a new resume or cover letter for hire. Making a change in a resume is as easy as using sticky notes.


We create a resume in a way that represents a story about you - that includes your attitude, professionalism and your personality.

Plan your request

Send a separate resume letter for the best chance. Let us help you achieve your goals.