One place to meet all your Library needs. Library Management software development and designed to manage the design process. It is a simple software program that assists in the smooth operation of the library management system. Keeps track of books published and returned to the library. The LMS includes the archiving of existing books but as additional new books within the library.

The library management software in India may not control the full library information. This program helps to keep a record of all items such as books, DVDs, CDs, magazines etc. in the library. It is used in colleges, institutions, colleges, universities and many more places that provide full support for the librarian and helps to easily manage the library.

Library Management System service provider from Gwalior is a software program that helps to keep records of all library items. A library management software is also called an automated library system that keeps track of each book published, retrieved and added to the library. Different types of modules are used in the library management system to make the system more efficient.

Our library automation software is available in two technologies:




These modules contribute to the efficient operation of Library Management Software

  • Cataloguing

It is a process of creating a list of all bibliographic objects such as a brief description, title list, author name and categories.

  • Membership module

This module tracks all the important information of a student, who has become a member of the library.

  • Report Generator

It helps in producing various reports such as the status of published books, total members, returned letters etc.

  • Circulation

It is the central and most visible function of the library, as it maintains a record of the state of the library in the library.

  • OPAC

The Online Public Access Catalog is an online database of archived material. Allows search of the item we select in the library.

  • Acquisition

The library department is responsible for the selection and purchase of goods or services in the library.


Library Automation refers to the rental of a laptop to keep track of all published, return and more books within the library. Library Automation is another name for the Book Management System. It is an easy-to-use program. It is designed to ensure the proper management of literature during library time.

  • A modern integrated library management Software LMS).


  • It can be modified on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms.


  • Publish your barcodes.


  • Complete catalogue, circulation system and acquisition of library stock management.


  • Web-based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) system


  • Simple, clear search interface for all users


  • Multilingual and multi-user support


  • Submit and import records


  • An easy way to add new books


  • Keep a record of the full information of the book such as title, author name, publisher name etc.

Why should you choose red gates as your library management system service provider from Gwalior?

  • Keep records of different categories such as; Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.


  • Divide the books in the correct order.


  • An easy way to add new books.


  • Keep a complete record of the same book; Book name, author name, publisher name, date/year of publication etc.


  • An easy way to make an entry and check


  • The automatic calculation of the refund fee is late.


  • Various reports such as; total number. of books, no. of published books, no. journals, etc.


  • An easy way to know the status of a book.