As your customers accelerate their cloud migration, you will need to build your future applications to address changing business needs and the growing need for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options. These applications require fast data, hyperscale, cloud-native terabytes and petabytes of data, provide data access in millisecond delays, process millions of requests per second, and scale around the world.


We bring the foundation of the most accessible, secure, and affordable website needed to develop and deliver a state-of-the-art, cloud-based system for millions of customers to AWS. With pay rates as you go, MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility with fully managed business features such as the Global Database, we provide the flexibility and technical freedom you need to eliminate relying on a commercial website without sacrificing performance or performance. AWS and AWS Partner Network (APN) Migration Skills Partners provide solutions or in-depth experience that help businesses successfully migrate to AWS, across all stages of complex transportation projects, acquisition, planning, migration and operations.



Redgates Application modernisation migration to AWS Service?



       Attract AWS customers


Promote and deliver your Amazon Aurora-based app to millions of AWS customers. Strong integration with AWS cloud services and on-the-go payment rates makes it easy for AWS customers to download and deploy your applications.




       Use advanced processes to improve the application


Follow advanced software development processes, including server-free technologies and microservices.




       Build better and faster


Bring applications that address your customers' needs for millisecond delays, process millions of requests per second, and rate them to support users anywhere in the world using native cloud services.




       Speed ​​up your customers' journey to the clouds


By using AWS programs and solutions from proven APN partners, you can speed up all aspects of your journey to improve your app, helping your customers get to the clouds faster.


Why should you choose us?



Redgates is a global technology services firm that operates as a trusted technology customer partner. We work with some of the world's most advanced businesses and independent software vendors, helping them grow technologies and job creation in our specific technology areas. Our core philosophy is “Attention. Always. ” which conveys our belief in luxury care and attention for our customers.

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