‘Redgates IT Solution.’ Refund Policy


Thank you for choosing Redgates as your digital partner.


     Each service we offer has a different process. Therefore, refund policies will vary between services.


     Refunds will not be possible for work that has already been completed.


     The fee paid in the form of administrative or installation fees is non-refundable.


     Taxes paid for the services collected by the regulatory authorities would not be refunded with the fee refund.


     If you request a refund within 24 hours, it will be possible under certain conditions.


     No refund will be given if the service is canceled due to a violation of the terms and conditions mentioned in the Terms and Conditions section.


     There is no refund policy for same-day delivery services.


     Redgates is not obliged to pay compensation if there is a delay or interruption of the service due to the involvement of a third party.