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How do we develop effective ERP modules ?

Depending on the needs of your business and budget, we may cover the development of the
following ERP modules to create and maximize the efficiency of your workflow:

Finance and accounting

Financial planning and analysis of
paid accounts and tracking accounts
receivable, standard ledger
management, automatic billing.

Human Resources

HR policy management and human
resource management from
recruitment and entry into payment,
attendance, study, and employee
application management.

Production management

Production planning, planning and
control. It may include sub-modules
for product life cycle management
and quality assurance.

Sales and marketing

Automatic operation of customer
order management, scheduling
data-driven marketing campaigns,
customer contact and gaining
visibility in sales power

Supply chain management

Inventory management and control,
merchant management, automatic
identification and purchasing.

Project management

Project planning and monitoring, task
sharing and tracking, team
collaboration tools (instant
messaging, shared file location, etc.)

Document management

Medium storage for multiple types of
documents, easy document
navigation and sharing, document

Data analysis and BI

Complete data analysis and visual
performance monitoring,
measurement and optimization of
the entire business department.

Information management

Database with a powerful search
engine, automatic information
classification, information sharing
and collaborative tools.

Chatbots and virtual assistants for users

Chatbots help users navigate ERP (e.g., staff rides), while visual assistants can
perform normal company-specific tasks automatically (update customer
information, send alerts at low inventory levels, take data on order delivery, etc. ).

Benefits of Having Standard ERP Software

Automation Process

Using ERP enhancement
services enhances the overall
efficiency of your company. The
ERP system will help you
complete hands-on operations,
easily collect data, and direct
business processes within the

Complete Reporting

With ERP enhancement
services, every system user can
generate reports that can be
customized easily. Therefore,
you can access and analyze
data faster than before to make
important business decisions
as quickly as possible.

Customer service

Business planning solutions
help vendors and customer
service staff work more
effectively with customers.
Provides easy access to
customer information, the
complete ERP system
enhances the overall quality of
customer service.

Improved Security

Data security is important,
especially for a large
organization. With the ERP
system, different access rights
can be granted to different
types of users. This improves
data accuracy and consistency
and eliminates threats of data

Compliance Regulatory

ERP software helps
organizations to better
comply with regulations,
as the system can be
developed with built-in

Keeping all data In One Place

ERP software allows
you to combine all
your data into one
place, helping you to
keep it consistent and

Why should you choose Redgates for ERP
software development service?

We have developed many highly effective solutions and acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in
developing custom ERP solutions for Logistics, Finance, Health Care, Customers, and Business services. In addition,
we can apply social, cloud, and geo features to any future client-focused ERP system.

Our field service management solution, developed by one of our foreign customers enjoys a high reputation among
Fortune 500 equipment manufacturers.

We pay close attention to your business processes and provide you with in-house technical support and training
during and after the deployment.

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