Social media marketing


Social media helps your brand gain unlimited power, promotes sales and revenue streams, helps produce leads, and markets a better brand image for customers. Businesses are looking to take advantage of the vast majority of untested opportunities, embedded in communication channels. This widespread demand and recognition of the presence of the internet in social media have paved the way for social media marketing companies like us.


Redgates is one of the best social media hosting companies that owns a great track record of providing businesses with a complete and new set of social media marketing services. We work on marketing channels on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.


Our social media management services can successfully improve visual product performance, personalize your product, generate leads, improve sales, gain customer experience, increase your revenue, provide a diverse audience, and stay ahead of the competition.


Does our social media management service include?



       B2B Social Media Marketing


Redgates has gained a reputation for providing comprehensive Social Media Management services to businesses around the world. The main objectives of our consultation and communication platform are to create product awareness, build strong customer relationships, and increase exposure to the business website. In this regard, we are developing a compelling content strategy and attractive social media campaigns to impact the audience.


       Social media Advertising Services


We believe that every cent we can save for our customers enhances our reputation as a product marketer. Therefore, we help businesses use their advertising budget wisely by targeting a certain number of viewers. Our social media experts run personalized social media campaigns based on your interests, age groups, locations, income, and the online behaviour of your prospects.


       Social media Consulting


You provide us with your business models, company goals, and target audience details and provide you with a complete plan that will put your brand in front of your audience. We help companies increase their brand visibility and have a higher level of customer engagement. Our content experts will understand the tone of your business and convey the message in the same voice.


       Social Media Monitoring


Redgates always believes in balancing the effectiveness of our efforts with constant monitoring. Our experts will keep an eye on things like who is talking about your products, what is being said, what your customers are thinking about you, and things like that. This gives your business the ability to stay active and ahead of the competition with customers. Also, this avoids any interruptions in social media discussions.


       Reporting and analysis


The biggest feature of Social Media is endless data about people. Our experts use this data wisely and accurately to plan your next action plan on social media. In line with this, our social media administrators will provide you with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on the effectiveness of our efforts to determine where your money is being spent.


With our consulting services and social media platforms, brands can embark on a journey to online marketing sites and gain unparalleled dignity and splendour. We have studied the consumer market online to the extent that our knowledge of the domain can work to produce brands. We can improve brands with live and paid marketing, helping to solve all of your marketing problems on social media.


Why choose us?


Redgates team works with the strategy to achieve the goal for individual clients. We focused on some specific features, which make us different from others.


       Flawless organic growth

       Social media platform exposure

       Custom-made social campaigns

       Professional Social media posting

       Better customer interaction

       Top brand image

       tailored content to match your business voice

       In-depth reporting

       Increased website traffic

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