How To Increase Ecommerce Sales with Instagram Marketing Strategies

Ready for your website and want to create buzz for your business online?

Do you wish to be discovered by more people around the world?

If your answer to both of these questions is yes, you are in the right place to find the answers.

Instagram has become a very popular way to promote your offerings in the eCommerce website marketing industry. Launched in 2010, this app has only gained popularity over time and more and more people are using it to share their photos with the world.

This has caused brands to switch from Facebook to promote their products and services and build a solid brand image.

Here are nine tips to help you increase your eCommerce sales with Instagram –

1. Switch from a personal to a business account

The Instagram business profile feature is one of the first and most important steps in an Instagram marketing initiative. A business profile gives your Instagram profile a professional look and takes your contact information from Facebook.

The business profile also regularly provides you with information about the number of impressions and clicks.

2. Use Tools to Sell with Instagram

To help you sell effectively on Instagram, there are several tools to help you sell better –

Clickable shop window

Selling will be easier with software tools that turn one link into a clickable store that displays all the products you have on offer. With your bio link, the shopper can visit the store and click the "buy now" button, helping people to shop in an easy way. 

Selling via hashtags

Using hashtags is another good method for selling products on Instagram. This approach is similar to the storefront link method but comes with the hashtag of the tool you are using. For example, if you enlist the help of Insally, the hashtag #inselly will be added.

Hashtag selling tools mark products as shoppable, helping users find and easily purchase products through Instagram.

3. Post images that are visually stunning

Providing users with a great experience is an important step in building a good brand image. It is therefore important that the images you post on your Instagram page are very visually appealing.

You can also increase traffic to your online store by adding a watermark to your images with your domain name. In this way, the user will not get the impression that he is forced to buy from you but will know where to get more information about your company.

4. Display user-generated content

Motivate users to create content that you can post on your page. You can ask them to show off the products they purchased from your store and contact you to place them on your account. This will encourage other users to buy from you.

Such a referral technique can have a good effect on your sales.

5. Ask influencers for product reviews

Influencer marketing is a trendy way to promote your Instagram e-commerce site. This technique works in a similar way to oral administration. The best thing about using this marketing technique with Instagram is that you will have access to reviewers from all walks of life, such as food influencers and fashion influencers.

Working with an influencer makes the brand image much stronger. This is because followers take them more seriously and depend on their reviews to make purchasing decisions.

6. Advertising on Instagram

Instagram advertising is a great tool for marketers. You will get better conversions for your website and take your brand to the next level. Instagram takes care of getting your ads noticed and bringing you the most relevant audience for your business. Users are much more likely to engage with Instagram-branded content compared to Facebook-branded content.

The above Instagram tips can play a huge role in growing your business. Your marketing strategy has more impact, brings you followers and generates income on a larger scale. Tracking the performance of your posts will help you develop new ideas to drive more audiences to your content.