Magento ECommerce Personalization

Magento ECommerce Personalization

Personalized e-commerce - Advent

"Don't look for customers for your products, look for products for your customers."

-Seth Godin

Shopping is not just a need-based experience for today's customers, it's a compulsion to stand out and stand out from the crowd. This consumer behaviour has led to the birth of what we call Personalized eCommerce. The demand for personalized products has only recently skyrocketed and led to a whole new range of eCommerce opportunities.

Product Personalization – As per the need of the customer

Product personalization deals with specific products designed for a specific group of consumers or adding design to a finished product. Product personalization deals with specific products designed for a specific group of consumers or adding design to a finished product. The latter is more popular in terms of consumer interests and covers a wide range of consumables, from pens to sports vehicles.

The paradigm shift in shaping the consumer's needs according to his personality and ideas is the main reason for the rise of this new face of eCommerce.

Personalization software now allows the consumer to design their own products, putting the power in their hands to change the product as they wish. According to the survey, 53% of consumers are grateful for the personalization services provided by retailers.

Why is online product personalization here to stay?

Your consumers are following this significant shift in the market and are not backing down from it in any way. Some reasons why this trend isn't going away anytime soon are:

The psychology of the consumer starts with personalization and he gets a sense of ownership with products that have been designed for him and him only.

The consumer sees only a negligible difference between the generic product and the personalized product because there are many retailers offering competitive prices for the same product.

The experience is seamless, with customized products readily available and simple tools to tune them.

There are a large number of products that have the potential to be customized, so the field for experimentation is limitless.

Creativity wins when customized products are delivered along with quality.

It never hurts your business to do what your customer wants. If he wants a personalized eCommerce store, give it to him!

Personalized Marketing 

If your customer has just bought a phone from your website, the next smart thing to do would be to show them a great phone case or any other accessory that might go well with their cell phone. This intelligence, when unleashed through an eCommerce website, becomes personalized marketing.

Some ways to provide this experience to customers are:

1. Personalized emails

Emailing your consumer to post his first order will turn out to be a win-win for you and your consumer. The e-mail may also contain some other products that the customer will probably be interested in based on his previous purchases or interests.

2. Shopping cart recommendation

Recommending a consumer to add products to their shopping cart based on their interests is a sure way to sell more.

3. Recommendation of similar or related products on the Products page

This tactic proves to be beneficial for your consumer as they don't have to go further to buy a product related to their previous purchases.

Magento ECommerce Personalization?

When it comes to customization and scalability, the Magento eCommerce platform is crowned.

While Magento 1 required a bit of coding tweaking during development, next in line Magento 2 is a perfectly balanced platform if you're not really a programmer or a fan of it.

Magento 2 uses the best UI/UX designs and the most user-friendly interface. The platform follows eCommerce trends and knows well that personalization is key today. Stores that use Magento have the smartest marketing personalization tools.

  • Customer segmentation by classifying customers and treating each class differently.

Related product recommendations for each consumer classification.

Relevant custom banners and pricing rules.

  • Third-party integrations for anything not already in a Magento store.

Advanced features such as AI-driven segmentation enable more comprehensive user grouping.

Advanced Visitor Insights allow you to convert an interested person into a consumer of your product.

Customize the context and market to reach the pinnacle of your eCommerce.